Yesterday I took a swim in a pool, the same pool I almost drowned in when I was four years old.

More than a decade ago, my mother, father and I took a trip to California.

I distinctly remember seeing the Redwood Forest, visiting some hot springs, and spending time…

Florida 2004:

My mom and an eight year old me

Visited my aunt and my two cousins.

We went to my cousin’s little league game,

And he got candy for winning.

His baseball cap was full of

Lollipops and Big League Chew.

He shared some with me.

I watched Dragon…

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I flip my body horizontally one hundred and eighty degrees and proceed to sleep on the opposite side of the bed.

This produces a very disorienting and hallucinogenic effect, where I often wake up multiple times during the night thinking that my right and left…

There were many moments as a child where I was obsessed with certain things, only to fail miserably at upon actually taking part in them. Since then, I have always been an onlooker and never a participant.

When I was eight years old and in the second grade, I was…

For a time, I worked in a small souvenir shop

On the side of a long highway.

Convenience stores, corporate restaurants, and miscellaneous businesses

Ensnared six lanes of wheeled vehicles

That passed by endlessly with a thunderous roar.

One day, an old man walked in and began to walk around…

Manoli Despines

Filmmaker and Film Editor. Music, film, design, history, and comedy enthusiast.

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